Activities To Do In MEEMURE


Jungle trekking to Hidden waterfall

Jungle trekking is the greatest way to get a closer look at the nature and examine the hidden beauty of it. It’s generally a thrilling adventurous experience with exploring the lush green forest, wildlife and the mysterious noises surround the jungle. (Guidance 2000 per Team)

Sooriya Arana Water Activities

Sooriya Arana Water Activities include swimming, stream sliding, confidence Jumping in natural water pools. We provide all the safety equipment and (Guidance 2000 per Team)

Village Exploration Tour

In the afternoon, we arrange the village exploration tour. Exploring the nature, examining the rural simple lifestyle and enjoying the view of the Knuckles mountain range in the evening will be the best ever experience you would ever have. (Guidance 2000 per Team)

7 Waterfalls Adventure

Seven Waterfall Hike starts from the Meemure village through the Jungle will exploring the wildlife and the nature’s beauty and Water activities will be done at the seven waterfalls. Swimming and enjoying the natural pool bath at the seven waterfalls will be exciting. (Guidance 2000 per Team)